-Liza Kindred


You probably haven’t met a Buddhist meditation teacher like Liza before; she swears a lot, calls bullshit on the wellness industrial complex, and believes deeply that inside of each of us, we already possess all of the wisdom we need.

She does, however, have a deep respect for the foundational teachings of Buddhism and has been studying Buddhism and practicing meditation for more than a decade. While sometimes irreverent, her instruction is always rooted in thousands of years of traditional teachings.

She believes that meditation is a felt experience; unlike many teachers, she focuses deeply on the emotional and energetic experiences of mindfulness meditation (which is, after all, how we access our wisdom.)

More about Liza:

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* What the fancy bio won’t tell you about are Liza’s struggles: institutionalized against her will from the ages of 14-17 by strict religious parents, Liza was made to drop out of school and became a single parent at a young age. Forged by fire, Liza survived by connecting to her own inner wisdom. She has practiced what she preaches, over and over again.