We are the spiritual community that embraces both the sacred and the profane. We are here to support humans who are on a spiritual path, but reject the whitewashed, overly precious, everything-is-bliss, prepackaged version of spirituality that is taking over what is actually a very diverse, gritty, and real experience.

We have a deep respect for the foundational teachings of Buddhism (see below) but our focus is on the dharma (the teachings) and not the teachers. While even Buddha himself left his family to pursue enlightenment, we have jobs, and families, bills to pay. And so: this is spirituality in practice.

Other than the fact that we swear a lot around here, the biggest difference in attitude that you will notice is that we wholly reject the idea that we are broken and in need of fixing. While the wellness industrial complex loves to sell the idea that we should improve, be better, hustle harder, work on ourselves, etc. we are here to show you the real, anti-capitalistic truth: that there is nothing wrong with you. You are complete, just not finished. You are whole and already worthy, just as you are right now.

(Read more about what we believe here.)


Meditation, as we teach it, is a shamatha (mindfulness-awareness) practice rooted in radical compassion for self. Although we are secular and not at all religious, EFF This! Meditation is rooted in 2500 years of Tibetan Buddhist teachings. Everyone–highly religious or not all all–is welcome here.

Our specific focus is on meditation as a physical, felt experience. Many mindfulness practices begin and end in the head–observing how the mind works, opening our eyes and ears, focusing on the way our breath feels on our nose or lips. We expand this awareness to include the whole body–which also includes our energetic field and the way that our emotions are manifesting in our body. While our thoughts don’t always tell us the truth, our bodies always do.

Everything you need to attain enlightenment is already contained within you–and we use meditation and other practices to connect to our own innate wisdom.


The truth is inside of you, not us. We are simply here to teach you how to access your own wisdom.

That being said, we believe it is crucial that a teacher does not make shit up. In the spiritual world, we see cults of personality, self-appointed gurus, and so many meditation teachers (and apps) without any real foundation. Spiritual materialism is a scourge.

Our founder Liza Kindred has been a student of Buddhism for over a decade, and believes in always holding the seat of the student. (And so, she posts her ongoing education.) She doesn’t see herself as a guru–if you come across someone who does, run–but as a kalyāna-mittatā, a spiritual friend.

Any teacher you come across here is someone who is here to reflect the wholeness inside of you, to help you access your own wisdom, and to offer you help on your path based on their actual experience walking their own path. Truly, we are all here to teach and to learn from each other. As Baba Ram Dass taught, one way to practice daily is to treat everyone you meet as God in drag.

We thank you for your interest and welcome you to join us! 🙏