Welcome to the meditation community that embraces both the sacred and the profane!

๐Ÿ’“Self love is our religion.๐Ÿ’“


EFF THIS! Meditation is easily accessible mindfulness meditation taught by a devoted student of Buddhism who wants people to know that it's okay that you might sometimes feel like you want to scream and pull your hair out. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Meditation can help! 

Whether youโ€™ve tried meditation and thought you were bad at it (you werenโ€™t, although perhaps your teacher was) or you are looking to connect with people who are not quite so . . . precious . . . about meditation, you are in the right spot.

shamatha meditation

EFF THIS! Meditation is a shamatha (mindfulness-awareness) practice rooted in radical compassion for self. It is centered on the idea that as humans, we might not be "finished" but we are complete. Everything you need to attain enlightenment is already contained within youโ€“and we can use meditation to scratch the surface of that.

Using humor, love, and a deep respect for the foundational teachings of Buddhism, EFF THIS! Meditation is a practice designed to get you out of that shitstorm swirling around in your head, and into your throne (if even for a moment.)

EFF THIS! is meditation for people who are busy, annoyed, or just plain over it. Bring us to your next event!

We are based in NYC and founded by Liza Kindred.