watch: Chance the Rapper's untitled new song 🎤

When a true artist puts something out into the world that is raw and vulnerable, it can create an energy so real that it's felt across space and time.

We didn't have to be in the audience of the Stephen Colbert show last week to be able to experience the deeply felt pain and confusion that Chance the Rapper puts words to in his latest, untitled song. Much has been written about his performance that night, (The Atlantic's Spencer Kornhaber did an especially beautiful job of contextualizing the importance and relevance of such realness) but it's really something that needs to be watched, and felt.  

Performed with Daniel Caesar and accompanied by team of powerful musicians, the song, which some have taken to calling First World Problems, is a powerful commentary on fame, competing priorities, and ego. 

The comments on the YouTube video are something to see; a real journey through the ways the song affected listeners. 

Screen Shot 2017-10-03 at 12.32.25 PM.png

See, and feel, for yourself: 

Maybe we all be so real with ourselves first, and the world next. 

watchAuthor: Liza Kindred