advice: tips for beginning meditators


People often ask me for tips for beginning meditators, so I was inspired to put together a couple of social media posts to get people started. Why social media? Because as a meditation teacher, I was taught to meet people where they are! 😉

Here's what I offered up: 


These are both great intros to meditation: 

START NERE NOW | Susan Piver 

SIT LIKE A BUDDHA: A Pocket Guide to Meditation | Lodro Rinzler 


HEADSPACE | This app offers ten minutes a day, free for your first ten days. This is the app that a lot of people say gets them "in." It focuses on the breath, which is the most classic form of mindfulness meditation, and has cute (but not twee) videos to explain the process. 

CALM | A simple and well-designed app with a lot of guided meditation options to try. 

INSIGHT TIMER | Some people use the app as a meditation timer, and others use it for the guided meditations. 

MNDFL VIDEOS | MNDFL is my home studio, and has awesome teachers. Using this platform, anyone anywhere can take classes with them. 

MINDFUL TECHNOLOGY | If you're interested in how we can use tech to be more connected humans, you'll want to check out my other business, Mindful Technology. And if you're in NYC, you'll want to check out our #mindfultech meetup, too! 


1) When you first meditate, it can be incredible to discover how loud your mind is. This is normal.
2) You can’t meditate “wrong” or be bad at it. It’s a practice.
3) Sticking with it daily (10-20 minutes) can create incredible change.
4) Try different stuff until you find what works!
5) The most important thing—always!—is to be gentle with yourself. 💜

We'll go into more detail on all of this later, but if you have any questions or concerns in the meantime, hit me up where I am.... on social media. 😂 

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