idea: polish + praise πŸ’Ž

This is a repost from my personal blog

Walking home from the subway the other night, I was behind a mother who had just picked her son up from after-school care. The were having the coolest convo, where they were each listing for each other one "praise" and one "polish" from their day. 

  • Polish // something they could polish to make better next time
  • Praise // something they had done that day that was worthy of praise 

It was so cute: mom was admitting her mistakes, and praising herself (!) in front of her little one, and kiddo felt completely comfortable doing the same. These two things: admitting we made a mistake, and owning our awesomeness, are so incredibly difficult for humans. This easy praise / polish exchange kept it light. It was beautiful to eavesdrop on. :) 

May your day be full of polish and praise! 


ideaAuthor: Liza Kindred