watch: Björk's The Gate ✨

The lyrics of Björk's latest release, The Gate, remind us of how we can turn our pain into beauty. When we focus on the scar and not the wound, we are able to begin the process of transforming our past experiences into future strengths.

My healed chest wound
Transformed into a gate
Where I receive love from
Where I give love from

The way to do this is to stay fully present in the moment, letting the transformation happen on it's own timeline. By continually going back to the breath during meditation, we can begin create the space needed for that transformation to take place. 

Care for me, care for me
And then I’ll care for you, care for you

The accompanying video is an ethereal, ephemeral, alchemical journey. Watch this one on full screen, and turn it way up. The way into this one is to soak it all up. 

watchAuthor: Liza Kindred