🎓 I'm a grad!


Even though my own personal journey with meditation is nearly a decade long, when I decided to pursue a teaching path, I wanted to be sure to get my training from someone legit –– not one of these fly-by-night, anyone-who-meditates-can-teach places that are popping up. 

My journey began with at-home meditation almost ten years ago, and I have been a student of Shambhala Buddhism for over seven years. I completed the first round of advanced student training with Shambhala, including attending Rigdin weekend and taking my Shambhala vow. (I've even been lucky enough to meet The Sakyong, the lineage holder for all of Shambhala!)

As a dedicated student of Buddhism, so when it came time for my teacher training, I wanted to stay rigorous. So, earlier this year, I applied to and was accepted into the MNDFL Meditation teacher training program. (MNDFL is a group of NYC-based drop-in meditation studios, led by Ellie Burrows and Lodro Rinzler–a friend, mentor, and highly respected dharma teacher.)

Five months, 300 hours, and five weekend retreats later, I'm a grad! 🎉

What I was most excited about for the training was to learn more about a ton of other types of meditation–Kundalini, Jewish, Zen, Christian, Hindu, just to name a few that we studied. But what ended up blowing me away was the beauty and realness of the people in the program. I made lifelong friends, and in the real way, not the fake way, just-something-you-say way. 

I'm excited to build and grow EFF THIS! Meditation, I'm excited to share with you what my fellow graduates do, and I'm most excited that I feel confident in my ability to offer high quality mindfulness meditation and loving-kindess training to the world. Namaste meditating, ya'll!