EFF THIS! book


This is a real thing that is happening.

Yaโ€™ll the EFF THIS! book is going to be born into the world! For real!

It is called EFF THIS! 108 Tips, Tricks, and Ideas for When Youโ€™re Stressed Out, Anxious, or Overwhelmed and will be out in October of 2019. It is being published by Rock Point Press, which is an imprint of Quarto Publishing โ€“ the leading global publisher of illustrated non-fiction books. w00t w00t

It is packed super full of tips that you can use when you are feeling anxious, annoyed, sad, or over it all. The practices inside are mostly free, often private, always effective, and take as little as, like, ten actual seconds.

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Thank you, as always, for your support spreading the message of love and meditation to the world.



ps Iโ€™m already started to get booked up to deliver keynote talks about the subject, so if thatโ€™s of interest to you, check out my speaking page.