Friends of EFF THIS!

Looking for more goodness in the world? Check out these fine folks! 


Mindful Technology

Our sister brand Mindful Technology believes that it's not too late for tech to help make the world a better, more connected place. 

Through workshops, executive education, keynote talks, and a meetup group, #mindfultech teaches designers and developers exactly how to build tech that values humans over machines. 


We use and love project.full meditation cushions! They are 100% organic, made by hand in the US through a non-profit that provides jobs for people with barriers to work, and offer a SCENT PACK so you can engage all of your senses in your meditation practice. 


Spruce & Co

We believe in ritual and in keeping things fresh, and so we use and love Spruce & Co screen-cleaning wipes for keeping our electronics sparkling. 

They are all-natural, women-owned, and made in the US. You can use code 'mindfultech' for a 20% discount on yours!