We’re starting to do “shoutout Saturdays” on our Insta, and this form here is where you can tell us about something rad you’re doing that you think should be considered.

No guarantees, but we’ll try to get to as many as we can, assuming:

  • The thing you want to promote fits the EFF This! Meditation belief system (for example, if you’re trying to “fix” people, or you’re a teacher with no training, or there is spiritual or cultural appropriation, that’ll be a no thanks)

  • It isn’t directly competitive to something we’re actively promoting for ourselves (an example of that would be: if we have an online class launching next week, we probably won’t shout out your online class starting the same week)

  • We have our sh*t together. Sometimes we get too busy and we might miss weeks. It’s just the way it is.

We are more likely to shoutout women, people of color, and those in other marginalized communities. It’s not that we won’t shout out white dudes, it’s that we are committed to amplifying the voices and work of those who are traditionally under-represented.

Okay, cool! Any questions, send a DM. And while you’re here, you should subscribe to our newsletter!

ps. Please remember: we’re doing this because we want to support the work of other people. This isn’t an ad and we don’t owe it to you to shout your work out. So be nice, please. 🥰