Welcome! Our community is open to all. However, we acknowledge that we live in a culture that values certain humans and silences others; and that our society is overtly and violently racist, misogynistic, and homo- & trans-phobic.

Therefore, we commit to doing our best to amplify the voices of marginalized and underrepresented people and to hold dear their experiences. There is no enlightened society until ALL are protected and valued.

we believe:

  • Thoughts are not truths.

  • Everything about us is valid.

  • We do no harm (but take no shit.)

  • We are complete, just not finished.

  • The answers are inside of each of us.

  • Direct experience is the only confirmation.

  • Present moment awareness is a superpower.

  • There is nothing to be fixed. We are not broken.

  • We are worthy of love, exactly as we are right now.

  • Death comes without warning. We know our death is certain.

  • The most important thing, at any time, is to be gentle with ourselves.

  • Skimming the surface leads to spiritual bypassing; we choose to dig deep.

  • We respect the traditions and work diligently to avoid spiritual materialism.

  • We’re always meditating on something. We have a choice about what that is.

  • We are doing the best we can with our available resources. Doing our best is enough.

  • Modern guru culture is dangerous and ego-driven. We are responsible for our own journey.

  • We are each responsible for our own energy. We strive to raise the energy when we walk into a room.

  • Meditation is a physical, felt experience; emotions are energy and our visceral awareness contains the path to deep wisdom.

    If you believe these things, or are curious about what putting them into practice might look like in your life, we invite you to hang out with us!


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