personalized meditation mentorship packages



  1. Decide if Liza seems like she might be the right teacher for you. (We have published a free 43 page ebook about finding the right teacher–download it here.) You can read Liza’s teaching bio, explore her training and education, and learn more about what we believe. If it seems like a good fit . . .

  2. Fill out this form and tell us what your three main goals are. You will then be sent a link to schedule a free 15-minute consultation video chat with Liza. Get to know her energy a little bit! After the call, if you both feel like it’s a suitable match, then . . .

  3. Purchase a package. When you do, you will be sent a list of five questions to think about that Liza will be asking you about during your initial meeting, so that your time spent working together will be customized for your specific goals and challenges.


Most mentorship meetings take place online through video chats. However, Liza is occasionally available to meet in person, in New York City (typically at The Wing) or in Miami (yes, we can sit in those chairs you see in the picture above!)


The quality of relationships in any mentorship is incredibly important, and therefore the availability for direct meditation mentorship with Liza is quite limited. This is meant to be an ongoing connection, and as such, mentorship sessions are sold in packages.

An initial individualized meditation mentorship package costs $850 and includes four meetings: a 90 minute initial session and three additional 60 minute sessions. These are typically scheduled over a month, but they are your sessions to spread out longer if it works best for you.

Additional sessions can be bought in packages: five one-hour sessions for $900, or ten one-hour sessions for $1650. Payment plans are available for all packages.