EFF THIS! Meditation

Meditation classes, retreats and community. For people who are busy, annoyed, or just plain over it.

EFF THIS! Meditation is brought to you by Liza Kindred.


Seriously, though: why?

Yes, yes. You already know that you should meditate, and that meditation will make you happier, healthier, and less of a dick. But you're tired and irritated and every time you try to meditate, your mind races and you can't stop thinking about that asshole at work. You've tried meditating, but are pretty sure that you're bad at it. 

If this describes you, then EFF THIS! Meditation might be just what you need. This is not a joke–this is real meditation, for real life.

Breathe in the good shit, breathe out the bullshit.

(I read that on Pinterest once.)

But honestly, we all just want to let some of our crap go and make space for something a bit better. 

EFF THIS! Meditation is good for when you are sick of dealing with people, commutes, or bad fucking weather; when social media is making you hate your life but also pretend that it's perfect; when you are out-of-your-mind stressed out; or when you need a good laugh (or a good cry.)

Sit, stay. This is meditation made so easy that you literally can't do it "wrong."

"I feel a lot less crappy now."

— An EFF THIS! Meditator

What, though.   

EFF THIS! Meditation is a shamatha (mindfulness-awareness) practice rooted in radical compassion for self. It is centered on the idea that as humans, we might not be "finished" but we are complete. Everything you need to attain enlightenment is already contained within you–and we can use meditation to scratch the surface of that.

Using humor, love, and a deep respect for the foundational teachings of Buddhism, EFF THIS! Meditation is a practice designed to get you out of that shitstorm swirling around in your head, and into your throne (if even for a moment.)

Liza Kindred

Liza Kindred is the creator of EFF THIS! Meditation and sometimes succeeds in her goal to be a kind person. She is the founder of Mindful Technology, is a long-time meditator, a devoted student of Tibetan Buddhism, a long-time Reverend in the Universal Life Church, and is certified by MNDFL Meditation's teacher training program. She is a Level II Reiki practitioner in the Usui tradition. ✨ 🙌 ✨

Liza spent twenty years working with top brands in fashion and cutting edge technology, where she learned to loathe the hustle and long for real connection. 

Also, she lives in New York City, so you can trust that she is frequently really fucking over it. 🚕 

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